over the river and through the woods...

...to grandmothers house we go!

Yesterday we packed up 2 brothers, 2 babies, 1 crazy dog and all our crap and hit the road to nowhere Montana.

we drove...
and stopped...
and drove some more...

Then we lost our A/C and I lost my mind.  BUT, all the boys were troopers and we made it here safe and sound.

And seeing as this is my current view...I'm not complaining at all.


eating and drooling and giggling, oh my!

Six months already!  I can't believe it.  They are changing so much lately!  It's like they are becoming these little people instead of the sleepy newborns we had for so long and I am loving it!

They are drooling LIKE CRAZY!  I mean, hold them for 5 seconds and you're soaked type of drooling...kinda gross but the cutest type of gross!  I just know a little tooth is going to pop through soon.

A few weeks ago we got the go ahead to start feeding them solids.  I was super excited for this because, well...who doesn't love to shove pureed green beans into a moving target?  We did a couple trial runs with just rice cereal but I just couldn't stand to feed them reconstituted rice flakes so we have moved on.  I broke out the trusty Magic Bullet my Mom got me for just this reason, baked some apples (sans the delicious butter and brown sugar, darn!) and zipped them right up... pure.babyfood.heaven!  I will be writing a whole post about this very soon because I am so utterly, 100% SOLD on making your own baby food and I'm sure the babies will thank me for it.

Ok, now for the BEST PART....you guys, they have started to giggle, giggle, giggle!  Besides the screams when they were born there is no sweeter sound!  hands down!

They generally spend most of their day lounging around on a big blanket on the floor surrounded by toys and rolling and scooting all around.  They can legit get somewhere if they really want to (a.k.a. to get something they want to grab and shove in their mouth).  Otherwise they are hanging out in the exersaucer or knockin back 6 oz bottles. 

Oh, and they are perfectly executing their master plan developed in utero...you know, the one where they either a.) don't nap at all or b.) magically wake up the exact second the other goes to sleep.

This last 6 months has been pretty amazing and of course life changing.  We are so blessed to be these little munchkins mama and daddy.  It is so so much fun having twins (I can say that now that they sleep through the night).


where have you been my whole life?....

This is an actual scene from my life...

setting:  PB & J section of the grocery store

me: {staring blankly at the jam}
the hubs:  it takes you thaaaat loooong to pick out jam?

Why yes it does...because, I don't need my jam to squeeze, I don't need it to come premixed with peanut butter and I don't need the "real fruit" version to cost $1698.43.

So, I became slightly obsessed with the idea of freezer jam when I saw this post over @ a good life blog. 

Well today we did it...and it was easy peasy...just your basic cut, cut, cut, mash, mash, mash, stir and pour (super awesome and handsome assistant completely optional but highly recommended).

p.s.  This isn't a food blog so yes, these pictures were taken with my phone.

p.s.s.  For {slightly} more detailed instructions and way more pictures remember to clickety-click on over here


oh how time flies...

It was one year ago today that we got the news that rocked our world...we were having TWINS!

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was 9 weeks pregnant, the Dr. quickly found the first baby and it's heartbeat and then he grew quiet.  He studied the screen and I heard him say "you have monozygotic twins" "...mono whaa...whoooo???",I said (I swear I thought he was telling me I had conjoined twins)  "identical twins" he replied. 
We just laughed. 
I think he was more in shock than we were.  The chance of identical twins from a single embryo transfer is about 1%. 
As Arcelious drove me back to work we just laughed.  What else could we do?  The shock quickly turned to excitement and before we knew it the thought of just one baby sounded almost boring. 

Nothing could have prepared us for what was ahead...a perfect pregnancy turned difficult, near daily trips to the hospital for monitoring, a nail biter delivery and a NICU stay. 

And two tiny perfect baby boys.

Oh what a difference a year makes...

I can only imagine what the next year holds.


beach bum'n it...

We made a little impromptu trip to Ocean Shores yesterday...and by impromptu I mean we decided to go at 11 and were on the road by noon.

It was so beautiful and the perfect little Saturday road trip.  Kai loved the beach and dipping his feet in the sand and water.  Kaden wasn't feeling too good so he was less than impressed.  But we did coax a smile or two from him and I can't wait to take him back because he looooves the water.  Eli didn't hesitate to jump right in the tide (note to self...next time you go to the beach remember to bring towels, duh.)

We followed up the beach by a little arcade and bumper boat fun and a stop at the candy store where Isaiah and I may or may not have eaten a LOT of salt water taffy.

By the way, if you would like to die and go to hamburger heaven stop at Lighthouse Drive-In in Aberdeen.


self portrait....

So I'm taking this on-line photography class so I can rock my new DSRL camera.  It's basically 30 days of instruction with a lesson and an assignment each day (the assignments are posted on a group Flickr page for all the world to see).  Today's assignment was self-portrait and let me tell you I was nervous about it all.day.long.  Also, we had to talk about ::scrunches face and clenches jaw:: OURSELVES.  You are probably thinking BFD Sarah, get a grip, you blab on this blog all day long.  But, you guys, I blab about my kids, my husband, my life but not about ME.
Well I thought all afternoon about how I was gonna do my hair and makeup and do this and do that yada, yada, yada. 

But then I stopped.  Who am I trying to impress?

I'm proud of myself and who I really am.

I'm proud of the life I live and who've I've become.

I'm proud of my successes and my failures.

So, I took a quiet moment to myself.  I just raised the camera up, turned it towards my face and snapped. 

I dreaded turning that camera around to see what it had captured but when I did I was pleasantly surprised.  I recognized myself and was satisfied that this was a real self portrait and now I know I made the right decision.  To just be me and be proud of it.


hair today, gone tomorrow

This is MAJOR news people!  Elijah cut his hair off!!  

Those curls were beautiful but the last thing a 14 year old boy kid wants to worry about is hair care  and well...it was just becoming too much.  Plus, that's a LOT of hair to fit under a football helmet.

He has been planning this for a few months now and frankly I was skeptical that he would go through with it.  Maybe I was hoping (a little) that he wouldn't.  Honestly, those curls have become his identity and I was nervous about how he would feel when they were gone.

But, I'm over thinking...

It's just a haircut and it will grow back right? right!!??

Apparently, the sun shines brighter when you don't have hair hanging in your eyes.


a week in iphone pics v. 4...

Ok, you guys I tried hard to take pics everyday but I soon came to the sad realization that I have no life...

Monday and Tuesday were b.o.r.i.n.g!

Wednesday I took Elijah to the airport to go to Montana for the summer.  After standing in a ridiculously long security line he was off. 

I had a little spare time before meeting my co-workers for lunch so I stopped and had a mini cuddle session/girl time with my niece's baby.  That's Kaden thinking it's hilarious to hang nearly upside down while laying on my lap. 

Thursday started off with a trip to the eye doctor and a stop at my happy place Starbucks.  Went to work for a couple hours then had to come home to take care of my sick baby (look at those lips!)

The rest of the week was filled with sparkly nails, awkward sleeping positions, silly tummy time, Kaden's thinking pose and Kai lovin him some sweet potatoes.

Linking up with Amy @ a good life blog, hop on over there and check out other peeps iphone pics.  They probably  have more exciting lives (but not as near as cute babies).

Oh, btw...these were taken using the Instagram app and applying the "Nashville" filter, in case you care.

buckle up for safety...

So, apparently they install buckles in baby gear for a reason...who knew.  We nonchalantly put the babies down in the swing and bouncer for a nap.  There was no fussing and I was about 10 feet away the whole time.  However, I may or may not have been totally engrossed in doing my nails (ok,may).

They decided it was more comfortable to sleep like this!

Babies can be so weird...
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