Fall is *my* season...

boots and sweaters, football, apple spice scents and crisp mornings...ahhh...
Today is the first day of fall...
eh, not really, but Starbucks says it is so it must be true.

no? ok, fine. 

Today my friendly neigborhood barista reminded me it was the first day of pumpkin-palooza (my words, not hers)...pumpkin lattes, pumpkin scones, pumpkin muffins, yada yada yada.  Being a connoisseur of all things pumpkin, my taste buds did a little happy dance and I promptly snatched up a slice of pumpkin loaf with my morning crack brew. 

Ok Mother Nature, I'm officially ready for fall.  Let's do this!!


wordless{ish} wednesday...

reasons 14725 - 14732 why twins are the bomb diggidy...


for the love of...{v. 1 - mesh feeders}

I'm finally starting my "for the love of..." series, in which I tell you about products that rock my socks off.  I'm pretty brand loyal and when I love something, I loooove it.  But I'm also picky...dare I say, ahem, snobby ::there, I said it!, geez:: about stuff. 

So my first little gem is this mesh feeder by Munchkin.  I've been filling it with lots of frozen items like apple slices, banana slices, cubes of homemade baby food and if I'm feeling adventurous, frozen whole milk plain yogurt mixed with mango puree. I also think frozen melon would be delish or even just an ice cube during the hot summer months.  I've been going the frozen route, the babies seem to prefer it that way and the frozen apple slice route is perfect for teething.

I've been giving it to them as I prepare their meals, a baby appetizer of sorts. It keeps them busy, thus avoiding a major meltdown...score!

Now, make no mistake, this thing is mess-ey. You will be cleaning out leftovers from many a baby crease and crevice. And you have to rinse it out right after use otherwise you will have to scrub banana encrusted mesh and that's always no bueno.  But it's not that bad and I'm sure if you have little peoples in your house you are already doing a lot of rinsing and scrubbing and cleaning of precious neck rolls.  So we give this little miracle 3 thumbs up (that's one from me and one from each baby, if your keeping count).

Aaaand a bonus picture:

fine print:  this is my opinion, I didn't receive payment or products..this is not a celebrity endorsement..Munchkin does not know I exist, although they should so if your sister's, husband's, co-worker's, neighbor works for them let 'em know, mmkay?


wordless{ish} wednesday

They love each other.
(really they do)
...I swear


Hey, where the heck ya been?...

Oh, me?  Just raising some teens and some twins and stuff.

I've just been unmotivated, uninspired, lazy busy, yaaa...that's it, busy.

Hmmm...let's see...

I  ♥ MT big time.  I want to go back, like now.

Elijah and his farmer tan are back home.

As if I don't already have a slight (maybe problematic) addiction to my iphone I have started using the myfitnesspal app.  It's a food and exercise diary that you can actually scan your food in folks..aaah-mazing!  I might actually be eating stuff just so I can scan, which is rather counter-intuitive but whatever.

I think we might actually have summer this weekend in the PNW so that's cool.

My new favorite thing is the passion iced tea from Starbucks, i'm having trouble finding the willpower not to stop every.single.day on my way home.

The babes are so much freaking fun!  I actually wanted to wake them back up the other night because I couldn't stop thinking about how cute they are.  I'm serious people...A-DOR-ABLE!  I've been slacking in the photo department (see sentence #2 of this post) but I'm getting my mojo (or maybe I should call it photojo) back.

Oh! and I'm guest posting tomorrow over @ mama and the dudes !!!!  This is like a big dealio for me so visit over there TOMORROW, AUGUST 20th.  OK? OK! thanks...

Now I'm gonna unleash a massive photo-bomb from our trip, slightly erratic and in no specific order...kinda like this entire post...and a little like my entire summer.

Uncle Rowdy

Kaden was sleeping in the RV...as was I

And guess what the babies can do now?....



over the river and through the woods...

...to grandmothers house we go!

Yesterday we packed up 2 brothers, 2 babies, 1 crazy dog and all our crap and hit the road to nowhere Montana.

we drove...
and stopped...
and drove some more...

Then we lost our A/C and I lost my mind.  BUT, all the boys were troopers and we made it here safe and sound.

And seeing as this is my current view...I'm not complaining at all.


eating and drooling and giggling, oh my!

Six months already!  I can't believe it.  They are changing so much lately!  It's like they are becoming these little people instead of the sleepy newborns we had for so long and I am loving it!

They are drooling LIKE CRAZY!  I mean, hold them for 5 seconds and you're soaked type of drooling...kinda gross but the cutest type of gross!  I just know a little tooth is going to pop through soon.

A few weeks ago we got the go ahead to start feeding them solids.  I was super excited for this because, well...who doesn't love to shove pureed green beans into a moving target?  We did a couple trial runs with just rice cereal but I just couldn't stand to feed them reconstituted rice flakes so we have moved on.  I broke out the trusty Magic Bullet my Mom got me for just this reason, baked some apples (sans the delicious butter and brown sugar, darn!) and zipped them right up... pure.babyfood.heaven!  I will be writing a whole post about this very soon because I am so utterly, 100% SOLD on making your own baby food and I'm sure the babies will thank me for it.

Ok, now for the BEST PART....you guys, they have started to giggle, giggle, giggle!  Besides the screams when they were born there is no sweeter sound!  hands down!

They generally spend most of their day lounging around on a big blanket on the floor surrounded by toys and rolling and scooting all around.  They can legit get somewhere if they really want to (a.k.a. to get something they want to grab and shove in their mouth).  Otherwise they are hanging out in the exersaucer or knockin back 6 oz bottles. 

Oh, and they are perfectly executing their master plan developed in utero...you know, the one where they either a.) don't nap at all or b.) magically wake up the exact second the other goes to sleep.

This last 6 months has been pretty amazing and of course life changing.  We are so blessed to be these little munchkins mama and daddy.  It is so so much fun having twins (I can say that now that they sleep through the night).

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