cast of characters

The Sleep Deprived Parents ~

Me:  I'm Sarah.  Mom to 3 and step-mom to 2.  I have a raging and unapologetic addiction to Starbucks.
The hubs:  He's Arcelious.  He is calm, cool and collected and he balances me out perfectly.

The Usual Suspects ~

Elijah (1997)~ He's my first born.   I was 19 and we grew up together.  He has big hair and an even bigger smile.  He is super athletic and majorly competitive.  He can probably kick you butt in anything from ping pong to a foot race.

Isaiah (1996) ~ Our relationship didn't always come easy, but now it's perfect.  He has a shy smile and a big heart.  He has a special talent of magically disappearing every time a camera appears.

Eli (2001) ~ He is full of life and joy.  He's witty, smart and easy going.  He has a special talent of magically appearing every time a camera appears.

The Twins ~

Kaden & Kai (2011) ~ Defying the odds from the beginning, conceived from a single embryo transfer IVF that I never dreamed would actually happen.  Born too early and too small but perfectly healthy and happy.

So, if your keeping track that's 5 boys; two teens, a tween and twins.  Some mine, some his, some ours, but all brothers.

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