eating and drooling and giggling, oh my!

Six months already!  I can't believe it.  They are changing so much lately!  It's like they are becoming these little people instead of the sleepy newborns we had for so long and I am loving it!

They are drooling LIKE CRAZY!  I mean, hold them for 5 seconds and you're soaked type of drooling...kinda gross but the cutest type of gross!  I just know a little tooth is going to pop through soon.

A few weeks ago we got the go ahead to start feeding them solids.  I was super excited for this because, well...who doesn't love to shove pureed green beans into a moving target?  We did a couple trial runs with just rice cereal but I just couldn't stand to feed them reconstituted rice flakes so we have moved on.  I broke out the trusty Magic Bullet my Mom got me for just this reason, baked some apples (sans the delicious butter and brown sugar, darn!) and zipped them right up... pure.babyfood.heaven!  I will be writing a whole post about this very soon because I am so utterly, 100% SOLD on making your own baby food and I'm sure the babies will thank me for it.

Ok, now for the BEST PART....you guys, they have started to giggle, giggle, giggle!  Besides the screams when they were born there is no sweeter sound!  hands down!

They generally spend most of their day lounging around on a big blanket on the floor surrounded by toys and rolling and scooting all around.  They can legit get somewhere if they really want to (a.k.a. to get something they want to grab and shove in their mouth).  Otherwise they are hanging out in the exersaucer or knockin back 6 oz bottles. 

Oh, and they are perfectly executing their master plan developed in utero...you know, the one where they either a.) don't nap at all or b.) magically wake up the exact second the other goes to sleep.

This last 6 months has been pretty amazing and of course life changing.  We are so blessed to be these little munchkins mama and daddy.  It is so so much fun having twins (I can say that now that they sleep through the night).

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Anonymous said...

Oh my these boys are so darn cute!! Great photos, I especially love the little mustaches! Time really flies by huh? Crazy. Great job capturing these little cuties on camera!

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