Hey, where the heck ya been?...

Oh, me?  Just raising some teens and some twins and stuff.

I've just been unmotivated, uninspired, lazy busy, yaaa...that's it, busy.

Hmmm...let's see...

I  ♥ MT big time.  I want to go back, like now.

Elijah and his farmer tan are back home.

As if I don't already have a slight (maybe problematic) addiction to my iphone I have started using the myfitnesspal app.  It's a food and exercise diary that you can actually scan your food in folks..aaah-mazing!  I might actually be eating stuff just so I can scan, which is rather counter-intuitive but whatever.

I think we might actually have summer this weekend in the PNW so that's cool.

My new favorite thing is the passion iced tea from Starbucks, i'm having trouble finding the willpower not to stop every.single.day on my way home.

The babes are so much freaking fun!  I actually wanted to wake them back up the other night because I couldn't stop thinking about how cute they are.  I'm serious people...A-DOR-ABLE!  I've been slacking in the photo department (see sentence #2 of this post) but I'm getting my mojo (or maybe I should call it photojo) back.

Oh! and I'm guest posting tomorrow over @ mama and the dudes !!!!  This is like a big dealio for me so visit over there TOMORROW, AUGUST 20th.  OK? OK! thanks...

Now I'm gonna unleash a massive photo-bomb from our trip, slightly erratic and in no specific order...kinda like this entire post...and a little like my entire summer.

Uncle Rowdy

Kaden was sleeping in the RV...as was I

And guess what the babies can do now?....


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